About Us

PTA Board 2023 - 2024

President - Janet McMonagle

Secretary - Johanna Ballardo

Treasurer - Leslie Hatch

Executive Vice President - Daisy Luna 

Membership Coordinator - Liz Neville

Fundraising Coordinator - Priscilla Pedroza

Volunteer Coordinator - Brittany Vargas

Hospitality Coordinator - Chris Corder

Room Parent Coordinator - Alissa Duff

Financial Reviewer (Auditor) - Victoria Gebelein

Parliamentarian - Nicole Gurule

Historian - Rachel Hallstrom

Principal - Adam Liebow

Our Mission.

The Almond Grove PTA is a dedicated community of parents, faculty and staff who strive to enhance student learning and enrich the lives of our students. Our special community and resources set Almond Grove apart and we plan to creatively continue that tradition this year. 

The Almond Grove PTA is hard at work to support our children’s education in four critical ways: